How to Travel to Nantucket on a Budget

How to Travel to Nantucket on a Budget

Nantucket is easily one of my favorite places in the entire world. I’ve been visiting Nantucket since I was a child. My friend Amelia gave me the nickname, Nantuckate from our time living out there. That explains my Instagram name ;). I try to get back once or twice a year – which is no easy feat coming from faraway – landlocked – Indiana.  Today I’m sharing my tips on how to travel to Nantucket on a budget. It can be done! 

Flying to Nantucket – Watch the airlines

If you’re on the east coast.. you’re in luck! JetBlue typically offers a BOS-ACK or JFK-ACK loop in the summer that is affordable.  If you fall under that category, I am insanely jealous and would be flying there every free weekend I got! If you aren’t as lucky, it’s time to get creative. I’ve used points from another airline to fly into one of those airports and then take Jet Blue as my second airline. Be careful and allow for plenty of time when returning home if you do this. Nantucket weather is notorious for delaying flights. I  lucked out this year and scored a great ticket through American Airlines. I also booked it in February. Yes, waiting for a vacation for 6 months is practically torture but I’ll take it instead of forking over $800 to the airline industry.


Alternative Housing

Explore alternative housing options. Going with a group? Look at renting a house. My favorite time to go is in September (best secret), and the cost of renting a house goes down quite a bit since it’s not peak season. Hotels are $$$$$$. Like, crazy expensive. Why not stay like a local at an airbnb! There is also a hostel on the island, HI Nantucket. I’ve never stayed there but the reviews look good. 


Dining In

Restaurants are WONDERFUL, but not always the most “cost effective” way to enjoy the island. No dollar menu at McDonald’s. No McDonald’s in general!! Trust me, it’s part of the charm of Nantucket and you won’t miss it one bit.  Nantucket does host “restaurant week” early June and late September if you are looking to eat at many different restaurants without spending a fortune. 

If you are driving and taking the car over – pick up some groceries before you get on the island. Food is a little but more expensive once you’re on Nantucket. Paradise comes with a price! Otherwise – a quick trip to Stop n Shop will do the trick. 

Wave – Ride the Bus

Not bringing a car and still want to get around the island? Bike rentals are an option but so is The Wave! Honestly the cleanest public transit I’ve ever been on. It drops off and picks up in town and has many stops. Trips are either $1 or $2 each way. Taxis and Ubers are also an option, but not as affordable.  



Day Trip

If you’re on the east coast.. you could always take a day trip! Ferry tickets are $77 for the Hy-line or $69 for the Steamship Authority. Both are the fast ferry rates. The trip is approximately 1 hour. If you really want to save money, the traditional ferry will run you $37 round trip. This is a 2 hour and 15 minute trip. For more information, please see from Hyannis to Nantucket.


I hope that helps! Do you have any money saving travel tips to share?



  1. July 19, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    Anything “on a budget” catches my eye – haha! Nantucket looks amazing, luckily my boyfriend lives in NY so I’m on the east coast from time to time… maybe I’ve have him take me 😛

    • Kate
      July 19, 2017 / 1:23 pm

      hahaha I loved your budget traveling post on LA too! You two should definitely go, the island is beautiful and romantic!

  2. A Infinite Step
    July 19, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Lovely post!

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