Tinker Coffee Co.

Tinker Coffee Co.


I had the pleasure of attending a coffee class on Tuesday, presented by Tinker Coffee What a perfect way to start the morning.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve slowly become dependent on my morning coffee. I’ve graduated to drinking plain, black coffee. However, you’ll still find me drinking a pumpkin spice Dunkin Donut coffee. Yes, it’s better than Starbucks. But you know what’s better than both? Tinker Coffee! Tinker Coffee is so much more than just a cup of joe.

Tinker Coffee Co.

Tinker Coffee Co is a fabulous locally roaster in Indianapolis. They don’t actually have a coffee shop, but focus entirely on roasting. You can purchase their coffee online and they even have a coffee club  If you’re looking to try before you buy.. there are plenty of local places serving Tinker Coffee. You can find them listed here.


Tinker coffee’s mission statement is that “amazing coffee should be available and accessible, not pretentious and intimidating.” I was really impressed with the class. I feel like the craft beer industry is pretentious. Coffee doesn’t have to be. The way Stephen (one of the founders) described his passion was along the lines of “You can pay $17 for a bag of coffee, which isn’t cheap.. but it’s not incredibly expensive either. And you can enjoy the best coffee in the world.” The founders saw the coffee industry growing in others cities and noticed that Indianapolis was lacking. So, along came Tinker Coffee.

Nitro Coffee

We started off with a nitro – my new favorite way to enjoy coffee. Nitros are less bitter than regular iced coffee. Nitros are coffee infused with – you guess it – nitrogen. The nitrogen has an affect on the coffee which gives it the specific taste and texture. I enjoy nitros because they are creamier than an iced coffee, without the magic of creamers. Did I mention the caffeine hits you faster? Buzzin.. Buzzin..

Tinker Street Coffee


The Pour Over

I’m still stuck in the stone ages with my quick brew coffee maker. I’m way more interested in the pour over process. The coffee it produced was some of the best I’ve ever tasted! You’ll need a good grind, dose /gram scale(60 grams of coffee for ever liter of water), hot water, and a slow pouring kettle. After doing some research – there are many different ways to prepare a pour over. I wish I filmed this class to share! But never fear, they are passionate about education and offer cupping classes here. I 100% need to step my game up and invest in the right tools. Until then, I’ll be enjoying a pour over made by someone else, with the wonderful grinds from Tinker Coffee.

Tinker Street

Tinker Street

Coffee Regions

Stephen shared some of his knowledge with what types of coffee grow in different regions. They buy coffee beans from Central America, South America, Africa and even Asia. Did you know it typically takes one coffee tree to produce just one 12oz bag? I feel like I could spend hours reading and learning about all there is to know about coffee. He even shared a cool Taster’s Flavor Wheel from Counter Culture Coffee. 

Tinker Street

What Tinker Coffee flavors have you tried? I would love to hear your suggestions! Has anyone else taken a cupping class? I think I need another one since I was so mesmerized by this one… next time I’ll come ready with a notebook and pencil! Thanks to Susan Decker Media for putting this together, and of course – Tinker Coffee Co for the wonderful workshop to celebrate National Coffee Month



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