The Temaki House

The Temaki House

 Downtown has desperately been missing a go-to quick sushi place for lunch. Marsh going out of business has left us without the quick and easy groccery-store sushi (listen, it does the job). Enter Temaki House.. 

Temaki House

I first stumbled upon Temkai House in an email from a dear former coworker (Thank you, Lynn!). She thought this place sounded right up my alley… and it totally is! Temaki House is located in the Salesforce (formerly known as the chase tower) Tower. Temaki house tucked the hallway and on the right hand side of Yolk. I am pumped to see another restaurant in the tower! Does anyone else miss the food court? 


Temaki House has a very clean and crisp color scheme. The fist thing I noticed was their bright sign. 

temaki house

The tables are clean and neatly organized. When it gets full, there is a wrap around bar that faces the hallway that provides extra space and seating. Towards the right hand side of the photo, you’ll notice the mural. The mural includes three locations – Brazil, Indianapolis and Japan. These locations symbolize the fusion between Brazilian, Japanese and Indianapolis foods that make up the Temaki House.

Temaki – What is it?

Temaki translates to hand roll in Japanese. Did you know this is the first sushi restaurant in Indianapolis to offer hand rolls? Hand roll sushi is very common in Asian culture. Upscale sushi restaurants offer hand rolls. My favorite is Sugar Fish. If you are ever in the LA area.. you must go! Temaki House offers temaki, dom (bowls) as well as salads. 

What Do I Order?

If you’re uncertain, I would go with the chef’s recommendations. I don’t know about you.. but whenever I do something that is “make your own”… it’s never as good as one that is carefully curated. Chef Clarence was kind enough to walk me through the menu. With over 13 years of Asian cuisine experience, I knew I was in great hands. The two most popular rolls are the Indy and Guadalajara roll. I don’t eat bacon, which is on the Indy roll, so I opted for the Nara roll. You can choose between brown and white rice. Feeling up to the challenge? Be creative and make your own roll!

temaki house


temaki house


If you’re not feeling the seaweed wrap, opt for the rice only option (don). I left the artistic work up to Chef Clarence, and he knocked it out of the park!

Temaki- Guadalajara and Nara

temaki house


Left: Nara Right: Guadalajara


temaki house


 I found both rolls to be very fresh and filling! Definitely order more than one roll. Two fit my appetite needs perfectly. The restaurant uses all recyclable materials. If you are adding soy sauce to your roll, be sure to keep the cone on it! It helps keep the roll together and  the soy sauce off of you. My favorite was the Nara roll. Chef added seaweed to it which added the perfect salty bite. 


Thrilled to have an affordable sushi option downtown for lunch. They are only open from 11-3 Monday – Friday so grab your friends and check them out for lunch! I’d love to see them expand to a dinner menu one day. Have you ever tried temaki? Let me know your thoughts!


Special thanks to the Temaki House for having me!


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