Tacos and Tequila – Speedway

Tacos and Tequila on Main

Tacos and Tequila

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Yes please! My week isn’t complete without some type of taco. It was a no-brainer when I was invited by my foodie friend – Megan, from Susan Decker Media to check out the latest addition to Main Street in Speedway. Bring on the tacos!

Tacos and Tequila 


Ok guys.. to be honest, I haven’t adventured over to Speedway as much as I should have. If you haven’t been to the iconic Indianapolis 500, then you are missing out!!! Speedway is home to the Indy 500. That’s about as far as my exposure to it goes. I was really impressed with how developed the area is becoming. I passed Big Woods Brewery, 1911 Grille, Barbecue and Bourbon, and a few others. Hello… where have I been? I need to get back over here! I was really impressed with all of the different options. Main St. is adorable and very clean! The restaurant space is intimate with a cute patio – yes, outdoor seating! You can pick up tacos to go, or enjoy dining in. It’s a cozy space, so I would recommend a group of 6 or less.

Tacos and Tequila

Tacos and Tequila

A Little Bit About Tacos and Tequila

For those of you who are familiar with Barbecue and Bourbon, the owners of B&B are also the owners of Tacos and Tequila. The restaurant opened on July 25th, 2017. At the time of this article, they did not have their liquor license yet – but I am very excited to go back to try their margaritas. Their license was approved, but they are waiting for everything to be processed. Who wants to be my date to head back?


If you didn’t already guess.. they have Tacos! We started with their spicy pesto guacamole which I recommend. The guacamole had a great kick to it, without making your mouth burst into flames. They have several different house salsas. As for the tacos, I think I was most intrigued by the price. $2.50 a taco! What a deal, seriously.  I like being able to pick and choose different ones to try.  I went with the chicken tacos. They hit the spot. If you’re feeling more adventurous, they even have a lengua taco which is beef tongue. I would love to see a honogos (mushroom) taco or another vegetarian option. 

Tacos and Tequila

The rice and beans were yummy. I think everyone at our table would agree that our favorite side was the Elota. Elota is corn, cojita (cheese), chili pepper and lime. Oh my goodness! My typical go-to Mexican restaurant doesn’t serve Elota, so this was quite a treat. It’s best served after you stir it up.. but that wouldn’t make for a pretty picture now would it?

Tacos and Tequila

I have the most ridiculous sweet tooth in the world, so I will never-EVER turn down a dessert. Luckily, splitting a churro with a few other ladies seemed fairly reasonably… right? Just a few bites! I loved my little bite. The churro was hot and fresh – exactly how a churro should be served. The chocolate sauce was a decadent touch we all enjoyed.


This is my to-be-continued portion. Since their liquor license wasn’t official, they weren’t serving any tequila just yet The good news is, the license has been approved. They haven’t released their drink menu online yet (please launch your website asap!!) but I will be looking forward to a classic margarita.


Overall, I am very happy with my lunch experience. Our server was very knowledgeable, and the staff seemed very attentive and polite. I’m looking forward to exploring more of what the town of Speedway has to offer. Thanks again to Susan Decker Media for the fabulous invitation. If you’re an Indy local – you need to follow her! Her team always in-the-know with the hottest events and restaurants – and bonus – they’re super fun.

Have ya’ll been to Speedway lately? I want to know what else I need to check out