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Extensions Experience

I consider myself a hair extension connoisseur. Maybe I’m a little over-confident, but I’ve worn hair extensions for 12 years now. No, not every day – that’s crazy! I’ve had clip in, sew in and fusion extensions. My go to? Clip ins! I love the ease of being able to wear them when I want to, and removing them when I sleep or workout. I used to go to the hair stores with my friends in high school. I would help them select their hair color, buy the loooooong hair piece, cut and sew clips on. It was a great side business.  I would classify my hair as fine, but I have alot OF fine hair. I love a little extra oompf.  I have long sets, short sets, in between sets…needless to say, I was thrilled when Shaggy Loxx reached out!

Shaggy Loxx – Extensions in Indiana

Shaggy Loxx was created by stylist and salon owner, Tim Emmert and his client/business partner, Sam Rhoads. Tim has worked with many different celebrities and VIP clients while living in Atlanta. He opened Studio Shag Salon in 2013. After finding that he was recommending other extension lines to his brides and clients, he came up with Shaggy Loxx. Both Sam and Tim are from Indiana. I couldn’t be happier to support two locals in the hair extension business!

Studio Shag – Columbus

Studio Shag is a gorgeous salon with a twist of London-chic themed decor. It’s located right off 65 and 46. I was surprised how close it was to downtown. Ok – so why drive to Columbus? They have all of the colors and lengths at the Salon! No need to order the hair ring of samples. No need to just guess what color you might be. Shaggy Loxx offers a complimentary color consultation at Studio Shag. I love the convenience of being able to know that I was going to walk out of the salon with extensions that day.

Studio Shag

Color and Length

Shaggy Loxx Extensions currently offer 14″ 140g and 20″ 180g. Tim was very helpful in selecting my color – Bohemian Blonde. We decided to go with the 14 inch extensions. I’ve tried long and “short” extensions. I use “short” because they extensions aren’t even close to short! I’ve also fallen victim to thinking I needed over 20 inches. I promise, you will not need over 20 inches. I wanted to go with a natural look, and the 14 inch extensions ended up being the perfect length. I have naturally short hair that grows at a snail’s pace. Sometimes, I just want a little extra length or volume. These can be worn every day – just make sure you take care of them!

Shaggy Loxx

How To Put Them In

Tim will help explain and teach you how to clip them in. The extensions come with several different size wefts. I’d recommend taking notes on how Tim puts the extensions in. That way, you know exactly where they go and which weft to use. It’s extremely easy. I found that I use wefts by 3-3-4-2-2-1. Did you get that? Just kidding.. I name mine based off the number of clips. 3 clips = 3 clip weft. It helps when you put in the extensions from the back rather than building on the sides. You will create a more natural look this way.  Tim suggested  back combing around the roots just a tiny bit to give the clips something to grab onto.



Shaggy Loxx extensions are top of the line quality. I was impressed with how thick the hair was from the top of the weft, to the bottom. When we brushed them, they didn’t shed unlike other brands. Sorry not sorry, my Bellami’s shed more than my cat!! Gross. Bellami’s aren’t what they used to be…. but that’s a post for another day. Do yourself a favor and stick to Shaggy Loxx.

Shaggy Lox Extensions

On the Left: Sally Beauty Extensions

On the Right: Shaggy Loxx

Look at that difference! If I’m investing in extensions, the last thing I want to be buying is stringy, tangled, thin hair. 

My before photo:

Shaggy Loxx Before

The Final Product

Shaggy Loxx

Shaggy Loxx


Shaggy Loxx

Shaggy Loxx


Helloooooo I love them! Not only do they look amazing both straight or curly.. but they feel amazing too! The clips don’t feel like they are pulling or tugging.  The hair feels incredibly light. It doesn’t tangle. I am in love. I think the length is perfect (14 inch). The color is perfect. If they do not have a perfect match, Tim can color the extensions to match. I lucked out, and I feel like a brand new woman! I’m pumped to wear these daily and follow-up on the quality for you guys. I’m thinking of doing a 30 day review and then a 6 month review. What do y’all think about that?

Shaggy Loxx extensions should be launching their website in July. In the meantime, sign up for their email list to save 10%. Keep an eye on my blog because there might be a giveaway in the works 😉

Please let me know if you have any questions below! 

Thank you

Big thanks to Sam and Tim! They were fantastic to work with. There is no doubt that these two will be very successful in the hair extension industry. Thank you for choosing to work with me!

 Shaggy Loxx Sam

Shaggy Loxx Tim


This post was created in partnership with Shaggy Loxx. All opinions are my own. 


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