HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope that everyone got to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones. I know I sure did! Now that we are in the swing of January.. I wanted to announce a big project that I’ve been working on. I am officially VLOGGING! Yup, blogging and vlogging. I want to bring more an experience to the Into Indy visitor. My blogs will cover the events more in depth, and I am looking forward to taking you guys with me on all of my adventures! Bear with me as I am learning how to edit videos and work with my old gopro… It might just be time to upgrade ;).

First up – Return Of The MAC!!

Holy Cow. Or should I say holy cheese? By the time I first heard about the event, the tickets sold out in record time. Something ridiculous like 10 minutes or something. Then, they moved the event to another venue – the pavilion – and sold another round of tickets. I missed those too. Sheesh.. hottest ticket in town or what? Luckily, I’ve learned that things always come up last minute. I was able to score two tickets to the 5pm session on the event facebook page. No scalper fee, just the cost the original owner paid! Major score!

The line looked intimidating but was moving quickly. I would say we only waited about 10 minutes out front. Once in, it was a bit chaotic. There was confusion to if there was an actual line, or if you just go up and grab. One server told us to just hop right in and grab.. well, that didn’t seem to go over too well with most people. We ended up waiting in the line for the majority of the first side. I wasn’t thrilled about the lines because, being a vegetarian, I couldn’t eat much. I totally expected it (side note: whatever happened to NORMAL mac and cheese? Pork belly belongs back in 2003, not in M&C). I was very excited to find some of the restaurants, such as Vida, who offered their mac and cheese with a sausage on top.. I asked for it without the sausage, no problem! Nada’s mac and cheese had poblano peppers in it. Yum! Charblue was another one of my favorites which was a seafood twist on Mac and Cheese. I was bummed that Joella’s had run out of all their mac and cheese by the time I made it around to them. They are on my list of restaurants to try since they just opened on the North Side.

I have to mention that everyone volunteering and working were incredibly friendly! Everyone had a great energy going and it was contagious. Everyone, in typical Midwest fashion, was friendly and upbeat. 

I would love to see the chef’s get to compete with coming up with their own spin on mac and cheese. Basically, have an offering of their own restaurant offered mac and cheese, and a special one for the event. Maybe this can be offered to just VIPS? There were quite a few buffalo mac and cheeses (I heard ClusterTruck knocked that one out of the park). Many of the mac and cheeses had meat products in them which made for an interesting spin. I make a killer 5-cheese smoked cheddar mac and cheese that would charm the pants off of any meat-mac-and-cheese- eater for sure. It was never advertised as a vegetarian event, so that wasn’t the expectation whatsoever. Overall, I loved every mac and cheese I tried. 

We stayed until 7 to hear the winner announced. Many people were gone by 6:30 and majority of the vendors packed up shop. Make sure not to get to the event late! DJ Helicon played for our session and was knocking out banger after banger. Solid choice!



  1. Buy VIP tickets. This guarantees early entry. My friends who purchased the earlier tickets were able to make it around to each table by the time the crowd made their entry.
  2. Make a strategy. Score a table first and split up? Send one friend to get four cups for everyone in your group while you scour the other booths? You can come up with something!
  3. Dress warm. I wasn’t sure if I should wear my heavy winter coat or a lighter option. Turns out – they have a coat check!
  4. CASH – There is a bar as well a soda and water station.


Overall – Fantastic event! Hats off to all those involved. You all should be crazy proud of such a cool event. Looking forward to next year!


Photo credit: Return of The Mac


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