Nook Preview – Paleo in Indianapolis

Nook Preview – Paleo in Indianapolis

I am absolutely over the moon to have Nook as a new option in downtown Indianapolis! This paleo-influenced diner is exactly what indy needed in a steak house heavy city.

What Is Paleo?

Paleo is a diet that focuses on the consumption of foods presumed to have been the only foods available or consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era.

It has picked up steam in the fitness communities, typically being paired with the crossfit craze.

Nook Preview

I was thrilled to attend the media event for Nook. As a downtown dweller myself, I’ve walked by this restaurant several times a week waiting for it to open. It’s replacing Mo’s, a place for steaks. Honestly, I don’t recall ever eating at Mo’s, so I cannot speak to the interior difference. I enjoyed the chalkboard art which makes it very Instagram worthy.

The Food

We ate WELL! The first item I sampled was the shiitake, lemon basil cauliflower pizza. This has to be my favorite dish. It was absolutely delicious. I’ve tried cauliflower rice, but never a cauliflower dough before. Very impressive, and loaded with flavor.

The menu is huge – a long double sided paper. They have a wide range from tacos, Italian, broth bowls, to even short ribs!

The chicken broth was delightful. I could definitely see myself ordering this on a cold day.

It’s made with braised chicken, bone broth, Paleo noodles, carrots, onions and celery with fresh herbs. This falls under the W30 suggestions. W30 stands for whole 30. For all my whole 30 friends.. this a huge! How cool is it to be able to dine out without feeling guilty while on a diet? They also offer vegan and keto options.

The Angry Shrimp Taco – is it weird that the name makes me think of angry birds? It definitely has a kick to it, but a little too much cilantro for my liking.

The lasagna.. made with eggplant and zucchini noodles! I’d love to see a meatless version of this dish because it sounds like it could be a vegetarian dream.

Overall Impression

I’m always hesitant to post my full reviews on newly opened restaurants because I realize they need a month or two to work out all of the kinks. However, as someone who is easily excited, I’m thrilled to try their samples!! It’s a great way to hold over my excitement. I left feeling full, but not “roll-me-home-I-ate-too-much” full. I think Nook will perform very well in the downtown Indianapolis area. The staff blew me away with their professionalism. I’m excited to see how everyone else responds to the Paleo influenced restaurant. Cheers to a fabulous opening and wishing Nook the best of luck!


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