Nantucket Instagram Spots

Nantucket Instagram Spots

It’s no secret that Nantucket is absolutely stunning. The beauty behind the grey shingled houses, hydrangea lined yards, and cobblestone road – is undeniable. So now that you’ve booked your trip without spending an arm and a leg, it’s time to plan the places to take the best shots for your instagram.


Follow Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram? Of course you do. Don’t worry – your secret is safe with me. Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Lauren Conrad are just a few of the many celebrities who love to stay in Sconset when they come to visit Nantucket.  Sconset is on the eastern end of the island. The cottages are adorable, the flowers (when in season) are eye candy, and you’re a few steps away from the beach. 

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Front Street

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Front Street is easily accessible by foot. This is THE street you are seeing all over Nantucket Instagram. The picturesque seashell road can’t be beat. I highly recommend taking a stroll down front street. You never know what you will stumble upon. If you’ve got extra time, look into the bluff walk as well. The bluff walk will take you into the front yards of these gorgeous beach homes. Yes please!!

Rose Covered Cottages

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This pinterest-worthy house is located on Mitchell Street. However, if you are past mid-July, the roses are probably past their prime. Keep wandering around Sconset to discover more instagrammable spot.

Brant Point Lighthouse

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There are three lighthouses on the island – Brant Point, Sankaty and Great Point. Brant Point is the most centrally located – right in the harbor. Take a walk down Easton Street and sneak a peek into the mansions and their fantastic yards. If you’re a Elin Hilderband fan, you’re familiar with her many mentions of Easton Street. We’ve taken several family photos here. Bloggers shoot here. In the summer, the American Flag is placed on the light house. You can see a slither of it in my photo above. In the winter, the flag is replaced with a huge wreath, bow and two oars. It’s truly breath-taking.  This is the quintessential Nantucket instagram spot.


TownPool – Nantucket Instagram Zero Gravity Room

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The guys who run TownPool are awesome! If you thought the duck challenge was awesome last year, you will be blown away this year. Not only do they carry some great brands, they also have Nantucket’s only miniature golf course, a huge candy shop, and the zero gravity room.  If you’re traveling alone, have no fear! They have an ipad set up on a tripod with a self timer. You enter your email when you’re finished and it sends you the picture, perfectly cropped and all. I recommend doing some “research” before you go on what poses to do. Click here to view some examples on their website and be sure to check out their instagram.  But seriously, how cool is this??


Straight Wharf

Simple and easy – this is a great place to scope out the yachts. If you’re coming by ferry.. you’ll get off the boat right around the corner. 

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Where’s your favorite spot to snap the perfect shot on Nantucket?


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