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lake wawasee

It’s finally summer! Indiana may be landlocked, but we will find our way to water, one way or another! Whether you are headed to Lake Wawasee (Indiana’s Natural Lake), Lake Maxinkukee (Culver), Lake Monroe (Bloomington), or many of the others that Indiana has to offer, you’ll want to be prepared. Today, I’ll walk through packing and the do’s and don’ts of being a guest at the lake!

Lake Wawasee

My favorite! I’ve gone up to Wawasee since I was a child. It’s my father’s favorite place. I enjoy getting to spend time with family, relaxing on the boat, and playing around on the jet skis. This lake will always hold a place in my heart and I am super stoked to kick off my first lake weekend of the summer!

lake wawasee


If you’re invited to a lake house – do some research about the town. Lake Wawasee is located in Syracuse, Indiana. This is a smaller town, surrounded by other smaller lakes. If you’re looking for a huge Wal-mart or a big movie theater.. you’re going to be on the road for a bit. There might be a bar or two in town, but don’t expect a huge nightlife. You’re at the lake! Spend time outside! If you’re headed to Lake Monroe, it’s best to pick up any necessities as it’s a little bit south of Bloomington.

lake wawasee


It’s best to keep in mind that these are summer homes, not year round homes. Besides the obviously clothes, swimwear, etc.. here’s a list of things I always bring:

+ Hair Dryer – I usually air-dry, but if we are having a nice family dinner it’s a nice convenience to get cleaned up.

+ Toiletries – Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothbrush, Tampons, Etc..

+ Books – I enjoy reading on the patio in the morning or needle pointing.  My friends laugh because the house is fully equipped with wifi, but it’s still nice to be able to unplug.

+ Sun Protection – I don’t know about you guys, but the sunscreen that may be in the basket of towels from last summer.. two summers ago.. five summers ago… yeah.. it’s not good anymore. Pack sunscreen, a hat, aloe, and anything else you think you may need. Never underestimate the power of the sun.

+ Sweatshirt – Days are hot, nights can be chilly. 

+ Advil – I am SO incredibly sore after a few times tubing. I am jealous of all the kiddos who can spend all day tubing, and then do it again a day later!

+ Go-pro – If you have a fun action camera, this is the place to bring it out! I’ve made several fun videos and it’s great to capture memories.


I love inviting friends up, and they’ve got everything down to a fine art. If you are going with a group a friends, discuss groceries. Split the list up. We usually plan pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Deli meat sandwiches and chips for lunch. For snacks, fruit, veggies, and crackers. Sometimes the host will want to provide everything. If this is the case still, do not show up empty handed. Bake some cookies or bring a six pack of the host’s favorite beverage. It’s more fun when everyone pitches in, and your host will appreciate your efforts.

lake wawasee

Towels. I usually bring my own, but check to see if there is somewhere you can hang it out to dry outside to reuse the following day. The less laundry the better.

Strip the bed on the last morning of your getaway, wash the sheets and put them back on. This will help the host out tremendously and takes five seconds.

Offer gas money for any boating or other fun activities. If you’re renting a boat make sure to have a designated driver!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! Enjoy your summer on the lake! Who else loves spending their summer on the lake? If I can’t have the beaches of Nantucket, the lake is a close second!

lake wawasee


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