Is Devour Indy Worth It?

Is Devour Indy Worth It?

Is Devour Indy (formerly known as devour downtown) actually worth it? I mean, let’s be honest. Unless I’m starving, I’m not ordering an appetizer and dessert along with the main course. If you are someone who orders all three of those, then depending on where you go, it could be totally worth it. Let’s dig deeper..

2 for $30 Dinner –

Bru Burger – NEUTRAL – Bru offers an appetizer (1), sandwich (2) and a dessert (1). The average price of the appetizer options is $7. Their average price of a burger is $9. The average price of dessert is $5.  If you add those numbers up (appetizer + entree x 2 + dessert), you are sitting exactly at $30.  I’ll be using this math to calculate the prices throughout this post. Honestly, I’d rather order off the menu and not be restricted.

Mama Carolla’s – NEUTRAL – Again, when I added up the averages of the offered antipasti, two salads and two entrees, I came up with $30.58. 

Giordanos – WORTH IT – Giordanos offers an appetizer (garlic bread or brushetta), salad, a small deep dish pizza and sodas. The average price of the small pizza is around $22.75. If you are planning on ordering an appetizer, it’s worth it. plus, the pizzas are so filling, you will definitely have leftovers. 


3 Courses for $40 – 

Salt On Mass – NEUTRAL – Salt offers a choice of a salad, entree and the chocolate caramel brownie for dessert. They did not have the grouper, trout, or the dessert listed on their sample menu online so I took an average of the dish prices. I came out around $42-$45. Go if you are planning on getting the filet, that alone is listed at $41 on the menu. As for the other dishes? I’m a big fan of their pan roasted sea bass which I wish was on the devour menu. 


$30 Dinner Per Person

Eagles Nest – WORTH IT – Uh, Devour Indy people, the price isn’t actually listed on your menu. You might want to add that. Luckily, a quick google search brought up that in previous years they have charged $30 per person, so we’ll go based off that. This usually ends up being an “always worth it” on the list. If you’ve never been to the eagles nest, It’s a cool restaurant on top of the Hyatt. It overlooks the entire city, and spins slowly at 360 degrees. Making reservations during devour is a MUST.  The entrees alone average $31. I’ve tried the salmon and the maple glazed chicken breast in the past. 

Melting Pot – WORTH IT – Melting Pot is a fun restaurant that I honestly don’t go to unless it’s Devour or I have a groupon. It’s fun but it can be pricey and I honestly don’t eat everything that comes out. You can even compare on their website what their four entrees normally cost on average $39.95. If you are a vegetarian, it’s the same price for the good earth vegetarian four course option.

Fogo de Chao – WORTH IT –  Technically, this is $39.95 a person, but still worth it. The full churrasco experience (includes market table and feijoada bar) is $49.95.  I don’t believe that includes dessert. I’ve also heard from many people that making a reservation is worth it. However, if you want to save even more, go for lunch. Lunch is $32.95.

Barbecue & Bourbon – WORTH IT – The 4 meat platter is $20. You also get to choose 4 sides ($8), an appetizer ($4) and a dessert. Plus, if you’re here.. might as well indulge in one of their 50+ bourbons.


$20 Dinner Per Person

The Legend Classic Irvington Cafe – NOT WORTH IT – This one was a little harder to calculate because they did not have everything on the devour menu listed on their “normal” menu online. I took an average and for the soup/salad, entree and dessert.. we’re sitting at… you guessed it.. $20. 

Charbonos WORTH IT – This is $25/person dinner. They do not have the dessert prices listed online but with just the average entree price and soup/salad, you’re looking at $30.50. I’ve never been here but their menu looks awesome.


Overall, It seems that the places that are “worth it” are more chains than local restaurants. It’s a little disappointing, but understandable.  I am not trying to discourage you from trying any of these.  However, don’t feel confined to the devour menu. These restaurants all have wonderful items to offer. If it’s devour that sparks your interest in a restaurant, go for it! I’d like to try the barbecue and bourbon place.. I’ve never heard of it until now!

What is your must-try restaurant during Devour?

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