Indianapolis Public Library

Indianapolis Public Library

This weekend, I finally decided to go get a library card! I’ve been to the Indianapolis Central Public Library location a handful of times for events, but never to pick up some books. With the recent transition to being a vegetarian and also learning more about web development, I need some BOOKS.

I was thrilled to discover the overdrive app (I know, apparently I live under a rock). Overdrive is an awesome app that allows you to download e-books, music, and other media. I try to keep busy so I don’t always have time to stop in to the library. However, with Sunday’s weather being so lovely, I decided to stroll over and do a bit of filming for my YouTube channel. I’ll be adding that video tomorrow, so stay tuned!

The entrance of the library is absolutely stunning. There is sort of a mini entrance, with additional steps into the main part of the building. The main part is surrounded by beautiful windows and natural light. 

To sign up for a library card, you need to head over to the “Check-out” station which is to your left. The two ladies that helped me sign up were very kind and informative.  All you need is your ID. If your id does not state that you live in Marion County, a bill with your current address will work as well. The application took barely 2 minutes to fill out – easy as pie! I asked both ladies what they enjoyed most about the library. The first answer was the reading room, followed by the Indianapolis room.

There are two reading rooms, both located on the east and west sides of the main level. The rooms are surrounded by older books, dark wood, and a cozy fireplace.  Both restorations are possible through generous donations. The east room is sponsored by a well-known Indianapolis family, the Sextons.


Each floor has different genres of books. I was searching for an amazing cookbook – Thug Kitchen. You can have any of the librarians look up the number for you. I learned that cookbooks are located on the 4th floor. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate my Thug Kitchen book. I had three wonderful ladies all try to help but it seems that it may still be on a cart.. somewhere in the library. I will say, I got quite a laugh seeing their reactions to the title of the book. Not to mention, the full title is “Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*&#”. It was entertaining, to say the least. And I promise it’s a killer book!

I was able to come across some other great cookbooks which were awesome to flip through. I continued up to the 6th floor to the Indianapolis Special Collections Room. 

This room provided a beautiful view of Indianapolis. Many glass cases had the original blue prints, letters, and newspaper clippings from when the library was originally built! Letters from James Whitcomb Riley, Kurt Vonnegut, and many other well-known Hoosiers. Inside the actual room (staff only, to help preserve the materials), they offer many books by local authors, photographers, scrapbooks and newspapers. I had no idea this existed and I could spend a whole afternoon exploring it. Did you know the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy spent his childhood in Indianapolis? Yes! 

Did I mention the views? They are incredible! Even for a gray day, I love the views the library provides of the park and our skyline. 

When I got home, I got online and immediately went to the overdrive app. I am really excited to start using this. I love audio books and I can download them to my phone, score! 

The library has everything – books, dvds, computers, and even classes! Looks like they have several computer classes and even a few classical concerts on the books for February. Here’s the link to check out the calendar. You can check out up to 125 items at one time. If I had kiddos, I’d be coming here as much as possible to treat them to their wonderful children’s collections. And the best part about it? It’s TOTALLY FREE!

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the library. It’s hard to believe that the last time I went to a library (for something other than an event) was back in college. I spent many nights at the famous Herman B. Wells Library on the IU Bloomington campus. Can’t say I miss those all-nighters 😉 I look forward to making a weekly visit to my new local library :).

Have you been to the Central Library? What kinds of books do you usually check out?


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  1. Nancy Payne
    January 23, 2017 / 9:46 pm


    I really enjoy reading your blog. Can’t wait to check out your YouTube channel.


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