Indiana State Fair 2017 – Where to find the fried PB&J!

Indiana State Fair 2017 – Where to find the fried PB&J!

It’s August in Indiana, you know what that means! It’s time for the Indiana State Fair! The Indiana State Fair offers many different activities for the entire family. My favorite activity? Indulging in the delicious foods! 

Deep Fried Goodness

Every year, the fair brings a new, more fried, more delicious treat to the table! This year, a few of the featured foods are the peanut butter pineapple pork burger, the dirty tots, mini funnel cake strawberry shortcake style, deep-fried pb&j, a buffalo chicken gyro and a root beer float shake. I was most interested in trying the fried pb&j!

First Stop – Indiana State Fair Sweet Corn

We went on quite the hike to find our beloved fried pb&j. After about 45 minutes of searching.. I was clearly completely famished. I’m a Hoosier, born and raised. You know we love our corn! I had to treat myself to an ear. It was hot, fresh and delicious!

Second Stop – Indiana State Fair Deep Fried PB&J!

I cannot lie, trying to find the deep-fried PB&J was the most frustrating thing about our fair experience. It was so heavily advertised prior to the fair.. and yet… not a single sign anywhere! According to Facebook, I’m not alone in this struggle. I tried the Indiana State Fair App, which has it incorrectly listed as well. The Taste of the Fair map is correct. The map they give you when you park doesn’t have it listed at all. How confusing!!! Don’t worry, I have you covered!!


Map from the App –

Indiana State Fair

Taste Map:

Indiana State Fair

Deep fried PB&J – STILL lost!!

Still lost? We passed this truck quite a few times There aren’t any signs, the only way we knew it was the right one was because my friend spotted the crustables box in the window. This truck is located on the corner.. so keep your eyes PEELED for it! It is located next to a gyro truck.

Indiana State Fair


Deep Fried PB&J Verdict

So. Worth. It!!!! We loved it. I thought the crustables size would be too small, but it sure did fluff up with the batter! This one is a must try.

Third Stop – Red Frazier Bison – Dirty Hippie Tots 

Indiana State Fair

These were delicious! I’m glad Colleen made us stop here. What the heck are you looking at? Dirty Hippie tots consist of fried Brussels, nacho cheese, Henry’s hot sauce, green onions, piled high over a basket of sweet potato tots! The Red Frazier Bison truck also offers bison burgers, poutine, more tots, and cheese steak egg rolls. 

Final Stop – Strawberry Shortcake Funnel Cake

Indiana State Fair

We split our final sweet treat – the mini funnel cake! Paired with strawberries and vanilla frozen yogurt, this made for a fantastic dessert. This can easily be split! The size of the mini funnel cake is still filling, but with a lot less guilt. Also, shout out to the Indiana State Fair for the cute and well-kept table cloths! I was impressed at how tidy the area was.

That about sums it up! Special thanks to my partner in crime, for being patient and putting up with my food blogger tendencies of taking a million pictures before we eat.  What are you most excited to try at the fair this year? I want to know!


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