April Showers Bring IMA Spring Blooms

April showers and warm weather have certainly brought the most beautiful spring blooms at the IMA! The IMA planted 250,00 blooms – a new record! This is the largest floral display in IMA history. Fellow flower lovers, you must get over there asap. The IMA spring blooms are the perfect reason to kick off celebrating SPRING!


We chose to go on Good Friday. The weather was perfect. The IMA offers many interesting exhibits, however, we were there to see some spring blooms! I still cannot get over how beautiful the gardens are.

Upon arriving at the IMA, the entrance has a gorgeous circle of tulips. You must pay the entrance fee ($18 for non-members). Follow the green path on the carpet down to the gardens. 

The Gardens

Entrance at IMA

Entering the gardens provides a swell of beautiful spring bloom smells! We did not realize how wonderfully fragrant the spring blooms would be. I wish I could bottle up the smell and bring it home with me! I guess a Bath & Body works candle will have to suffice for now.

 The paths are clearly marked and we followed along. 

IMA spring blooms

IMA Spring Blooms

IMA spring blooms

Halfway through, we hit the beer garden. The beer garden in itself is gorgeous! They offer sun king beers, hot pretzels, waters and a few other snacks. There were a few pups, so I am guessing dogs are welcome as well!

IMA Spring Blooms

I most enjoyed the daffodils, the green house, and the tulips. Definitely planning on taking the extra tram tour when I return, to learn even more about the gardens. This is offered for an additional $5 fee. 

IMA spring blo


After enjoying our beers, we proceeded through the rest of the garden. The sky looked a little damp, so we decided to head home. Perfect timing, because as soon as we got in the car, the showers hit.

Utilizing the “Selfie Station” WTHR marked on the path!

This is the perfect activity for anyone! Dating, friends, mother-daughter (hello mother’s day trip) day fun! Everyone seemed very cheerful walking around and the volunteers were happy to answer all of our questions. 


For more information, including hours and pricing, please visit the IMA website


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