Hot Blown Glass

Hot Blown Glass

Guys. I made that. That gorgeous red and purple flame-looking paperweight (or baby sculpture).  OK.. so maybe I had a little help. This is hands-down, the coolest thing I’ve ever done at a party. 

Hot Blown Glass – R&B Architects

I attended a party for R&B Architects a few weeks ago. If you’re not familar with R&B Architects, I highly encourage checking out their website. They specialize in adaptive re-use and historical preservation. If you look at their portfolio, you will see many sites that are familiar to the Indy area. First off – a big thank you to Bryan for the invite! And to think, I almost stayed in! I loved getting to see the office building. It’s an old mansion and absolutely stunning!

We lucked out and had beautiful weather that evening. Everyone was outside and super engaged in watching the glass making magic happen.

Hot Blown Glass..This is  the coolest thing EVER to have at a party! It give you the opportunity to watch, create, or even just chat up the stranger next to you! Perfect for getting to know people at a party other than the typical “So how do you know the host?” or “Where are you from?” questions. Brent (Owner of R&B) arranged for people to sign up to make their own paperweights. Lisa Pelo & team were wonderful to work with. They were very encouraging and worked to educate everyone on the different steps, in still a casual yet don’t burn your face off way. They even did a few live demos on how to actually blow glass. They created such beautiful items!

The Hot Stuff

I met some very cool people who coached me through the steps before I even got to participate.  Initially, I didn’t think I’d get to make one. When my friend Andrew came running into the house and asked if we wanted to, I jumped at the opportunity!

Hot Blown Glass

Hot Blown Glass


Hot Blown Glass


I got to roll the glass, add color to it (purple and red!) and the man I worked with even helped shape it into the cool flame! It was HOT.. I mean hello! You’re melting glass! But I couldn’t tell if I was sweating from being nervous that I was going to fry my hands off or just hot from the heat. Spoiler – I didn’t burn myself.. Success!!

I’m totally on board with glass making now. Lisa offers classes from beginners to people who want to spend time each week on learning the craft. She also offers the classes at an event like the one pictured above. Seriously… if you are looking for something cool.. forget an ice sculpture.. this is the way to go for sure. Who wants to take a class with me? Let’s go!

For more information, please visit the Hot Blown Glass Website



  1. May 3, 2017 / 8:46 pm

    Thanks for giving it a try.
    Obviously, we love it and live it!!

  2. Jeffrey Cowsert
    May 5, 2017 / 11:14 am

    Nice work!!!!!!!!!!

  3. May 16, 2017 / 10:29 pm

    Awesome! What a cool opportunity with interesting people!

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