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GreenLeaf Juicing

I lived in California long enough to become addicted to the wonderful concept of juicing. While the Midwest hasn’t completely jumped on the bandwagon with healthier establishments entirely… this is definitely a huge addition to the Indianapolis Market. Introducing GreenLeaf Juicing Company…

Location – GreenLeaf Monument Circle

As someone who works downtown, I am thrilled to have healthier options right at my finger tips. GreenLeaf Juicing took over the pipe and tobacco shop space just south of the circle, 18 N. Meridian St. The space has been vacant since 2016. The space is small and offers a few tables and a standing bar. Luckily, with the beautiful circle just steps away, there’s no reason to stay inside on a nice day! Grab your bowl and juice and head outside. This brand originated from Portland, so I’m thrilled to see it grow to Indianapolis as the second city of choice.

GreenLeaf Juicing


GreenLeaf Juicing Company is more than just juice. They have acai bowls, oatmeal bowls, coffee, smoothies, quinoa bowls, shots, and nut milk. I personally LOVE juice and ordered the classic greenleaf. The juice was pretty refreshing. I always have to remind myself that the juices aren’t going to be ice cold like another drink. It is still extremely refreshing and a wonderful way to get those veggies into your diet.

GreenLeaf Juicing

I ordered the soma bowl. The soma bowl is comprised of acai, cacao nibs, cashews, shredded coconut, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, almond butter, kale, blueberry, granola, orange, banana, and ice. It is a very sweet bowl and HUGE. I finished about half of it for lunch and saved the other half for later. It was definitely filling. 


It is a bit more pricey than your average lunch spot. My bowl and juice cost $17. You are paying for fresh ingredients. Everything is made on the spot, which is nicer than a prepacked lunch.  It does seem to take a bit longer than your average lunch place. I do think that it’s just the growing pains with being a new restaurant, so be patient with them! Another huge bonus is that everything is organic!


For those of you looking to find a more cost effective way to enjoy GreenLeaf, they offer an app. You can get rewards towards free items. They also include a nutrition menu on the app. Want $2 off your first order? Download the app to your phone via my link here –

Can I Cleanse?

GreanLeaf does offer juice cleanses! More information on their website

Are you guys into juices? Or have you been to GreenLeaf Monument Circle? Let me know your thoughts!

Greenleaf Juicing


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