Friday Favorites 7/14


Happy Friday Ya’ll! If you know me at all, you know I loooove Fridays! I have a series that I post on my facebook page that is called Feel Good Friday. I share three good news items from the week. I’m a firm believer in being positive and kind. Focusing on the good rather than the negative, can have such a wonderful impact. I want to experiment with a personal post every week highlighting five favorite things from my week. I really enjoy when bloggers post more personal things on their blogs. Let me know what you guys think! 

1. “Claws” – renewed for Season 2

Who else is watching Claws on TNT? Do not be discouraged by the funky ads you’ll see in US weekly. Niecy Nash is absolutely killing it as the lead. It’s a show about  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show on TNT… but what a fabulous addition. Also, is Karrueche is the cutest thing ever. No wonder Chris Brown was in love with her!

2. The Pretty Plus’s “Cooking for Family After a Weight Loss surgery” 

Brittany was the first person I went to when I thought about starting a blog. I’ve been reading her blog for years and love her journey. She recently went through a weight loss surgery and is looking fab! I haven’t had weight loss surgery, but I’ve been trying to follow a new meal plan which is super, duper limited. Being that it is summer, cookouts and everyone gathering to eat is unavoidable. I really enjoyed her tips on how to make everything easier and realistic!

3. Temaki 

I visited this new downtown Indianapolis restaurant this week and fell in love. Here’s a link to my full review.

4. N Tuc Notebook 

My dear friend, Amelia gifted the perfect notebook by N Tuc. It’s skinny enough to slip into my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda. I’ve been using it to jot down blog thoughts when something comes up! I can’t wait to pick up more N Tuc items.. the print is adorable.

5. LipSense 

Ok.. I finally gave into the craze. It really, does work!! So far I have fire-n-ice and apple cider. Have ya’ll tried this “stay on all day” lip color? What I like most about lip sense is the fact I can drink my coffee without eating my lipstick at the same time. Any other recommendations? I’ve been eyeing the red-blu color. Oh boy.


I hope ya’ll have a fab weekend. I’ve invited 6 friends for a fun filled weekend. See you Monday!


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