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Fira boutique is the cutest boutique in Broad Ripple! Located on the main drag of Broad Ripple Ave, this is the perfect shop for a new outfit. When the Indy Blog Society organized a shopping night here, I knew I could miss it! 

Fira Boutique

Fira Boutique opened it’s first location in Urbana, IL. Their goal is to “create a personalized shopping experience in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. We buy in limited quantities so you can create a style all your own. Each piece is hand selected to set Fira apart in providing the best selection and quality.” The space is cute, airy and the chandeliers are gorgeous. I am a major sucker for good lighting fixtures..

Fira Boutique

I was really impressed with their customer service. The girls assisting us were bubbly, friendly, and very helpful. I fell in love with a shirt, and unfortunately it wasn’t the right size for me. One of the girls immediately offered to call the sister store in IL to see if they had the shirt. Lucky me, they did! I knew they had a website and that I could try online..but the fact that she was so helpful in taking care of it for me was a blessing. 

What I Bought

It’s no secret that I am not even close to a fashionista. I enlisted the help of my lovely blogger friend, Brittney from the Pretty Plus. EVERYTHING is super cute. I ended up trying on a few items and falling in love with all of them..

Fira Boutique

Black Stripe Popover $37

I love a good popover! I’ve been wearing a gingham popover that I purchased from C. Wonder back in the day alot recently. Popovers are so flattering. Comfortable, but at the same time very pulled together. I can’t wait to wear this to work or even with shorts to lunch like the model above! 


Fira Boutique

Aviate IND Cap $35

Well Hello! This was a total given. How can I have a blog about Indy and NOT buy this hat? Come on! It’s so cute. It also comes in white and navy. I have several Nantucket hats that are also white and navy… love love them.

Fira Boutique

Bell Sleeve Beauty $37

Ok. So this was a major debate and I don’t even know why. They didn’t have my size in the white, but they also carry this in the navy. What’s the opposite of buyers remorse? Reminder to self: You can always buy the item and return it. But if you don’t buy it.. it may be gone. Well, needless to say, I didn’t buy it. But I think I might have to go back for the navy one because it’s just so dang cute. Totally not my “style”… I joked with my friend Tara who is totally boho chic – think free people model… and she LOVED it. Go figure! Ugh Fira, just take all of my money! 


Here are the links to the bloggers who attended. If I’m leaving you out – shoot me an email at and I will get you added!

Sarah @ IndyDressed

Abby @ AbbySaylor

Carrie @ Carrie Elise & Kho

Steph @ TrendyInIndy

Brittney @The Pretty Plus

Anne Prins @ Foreign Daily

Britt @ Britt Behind the Scenes

Sisters from Our Shades of Green

Thank You

Special thanks to the wonderful women of Fira Boutique for putting on this lovely event. After a long day of work, locking myself out of my apartment (not entirely my fault), and several other things that just did not go my way yesterday… champagne, cupcakes (with glitter sprinkles) and shopping were the perfect fix! I will definitely put Fira Boutique in my new rotation of places to shop. Also photo credit to Sarah @ Indy Dressed!

Fira Boutique


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