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Shopping on Nantucket

My favorite, and what seems like everyone else’s, favorite rainy day activity on ACK is SHOPPING! Luckily, Nantucket has many fun stores and boutiques! We hit a day of spitting rain (the worst) and decided to head into town to pick up some goodies. I love all the shops on Nantucket. You will drop some serious $$$ if you’re not careful. Here’s what I bought.. 

Nantucket Instagram Spots

Nantucket Instagram

It’s no secret that Nantucket is absolutely stunning. The beauty behind the grey shingled houses, hydrangea lined yards, and cobblestone road – is undeniable. So now that you’ve booked your trip without spending an arm and a leg, it’s time to plan the places to take the best shots for your instagram.

How to Travel to Nantucket on a Budget

Nantucket is easily one of my favorite places in the entire world. I’ve been visiting Nantucket since I was a child. My friend Amelia gave me the nickname, Nantuckate from our time living out there. That explains my Instagram name ;). I try to get back once or twice a year – which is no easy feat coming from faraway – landlocked – Indiana.  Today I’m sharing my tips on how to travel to Nantucket on a budget. It can be done!