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Simon Mall Fall Fashion Style Night x Style Riot

It’s officially PSL season and mother nature seems to be on board with bringing fall along with it! I am stoked to bring out all my warm and cozy clothes. Hello sweater weather!! I had the pleasure of attending the Simon Malls Fall Fashion Style event featuring Laura Walters of Style Riot.. let’s just say I was all heart eyes emoji with everything she put together.

Tacori x Indy Blog Society

Indy Blog Society

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental.. but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Well, I’d venture to say that Tacori is a girl’s best friend! Diamonds Direct hosted the biggest Tacori trunk show this past weekend (to date) and invited the Indy Blog Society join in on the sparkling fun!

5 things To Know About The ISO Lunch Break Series

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is spend my lunch break with the symphony. What? That’s even possible? Yes!!! The ISO puts on a fabulous lunch break series once a week for only $5.  I wrote an introductory post last year about the ISO lunch break series. This year, I’m sharing 5 tips and tricks to enjoying the show!

Star Spangled Indy

You know you’re in the thick of summer when the 4th of July hits. This summer is flying by in warp speed! I glanced at my planner last week and realized I didn’t have a free day until 7/8…wow. Today I’ll show you my top picks for how to spend the 4th of July in Indiana. And what’s the 4th if you’re not dressed to impressed? I’ve got you covered..

Must-attend Indy Pride Events 2017

It’s officially Pride Month! Here at Into Indy, we love and accept everyone! If you’ve never participated in a pride event in Indianapolis, you have to get on that! Indy Pride is incredible. How cool is my sister’s hair? She totally rocked this look a few years ago at the parade. Check out my picks for the must-attend Indy pride events..

Indy 500 Fashion

Only about 2 weeks or so until the INDY 500 race! If you are an Indy local, you are familiar with the iconic race. The whole city is covered in race oriented marketing currently. Have you seen the sign on the JW Marriott? Insane! Time to get those outfits in order..What to wear to the Indy 500..

Zoobilation Fashion

The Indianapolis Zoo hosts an epic charity event every summer called Zoobilation. It’s the largest black tie function in the state! Start looking for the perfect dress NOW. The race weekend will hit and then it’ll be time for zoobilation!