Posts Written OnMay 2017

Diving into Delectable – Ocean Prime Indianapolis

To say I was thrilled when Ocean Prime reached out to me to dine with them is a huge understatement. I am the pickiest person ever when it comes from seafood. Sorry, but when you live on an island (Nantucket) and have access to the freshest of fish.. it’s a little hard to go back. However, I knew I would be in the best hands with Ocean Prime. 

Air-tan – Melanoma Awareness Month

Piggybacking off my last post.. You know how I mentioned sunscreen is the most important thing to wear? Well, it totally is. I’m all about enjoying the summer weather, but safely! As it turns out, May is Melanoma Awareness Month. I wanted to share a few statistics and introduce my favorite local business alternative to tanning, Air-Tan!

Indy 500 Fashion

Only about 2 weeks or so until the INDY 500 race! If you are an Indy local, you are familiar with the iconic race. The whole city is covered in race oriented marketing currently. Have you seen the sign on the JW Marriott? Insane! Time to get those outfits in order..What to wear to the Indy 500..

Zoobilation Fashion

The Indianapolis Zoo hosts an epic charity event every summer called Zoobilation. It’s the largest black tie function in the state! Start looking for the perfect dress NOW. The race weekend will hit and then it’ll be time for zoobilation!

Mother’s Day 2017 Indianapolis

Oh Look! It’s me and the best mother in the entire world! Ok, maybe I am a tiny bit biased.. but It’s most definitely true. Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching this weekend (May 14th!!!). You have procrastinated long enough! If you need a few creative ideas.. I have you covered. 

GreenLeaf Juicing Indianapolis

I lived in California long enough to become addicted to the wonderful concept of juicing. While the Midwest hasn’t completely jumped on the bandwagon with healthier establishments entirely… this is definitely a huge addition to the Indianapolis Market. Introducing GreenLeaf Juicing Company…