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Feel Good Friday 4.21

Feel Good Friday – April 21st, 2017 I started coming up with three good news stories every friday and sharing them with my friends on facebook. The feedback has been amazing! Uplifting news is something we should all celebrate and enjoy. People really seem to enjoy my Feel Good Friday posts so…without further ado.. 

April Showers Bring IMA Spring Blooms

April showers and warm weather have certainly brought the most beautiful spring blooms at the IMA! The IMA planted 250,00 blooms – a new record! This is the largest floral display in IMA history. Fellow flower lovers, you must get over there asap. The IMA spring blooms are the perfect reason to kick off celebrating SPRING!

Gnome Show – Garfield Park

The Gnome show..what Florida is to Indiana spring breakers, Garfield Park is to Gnome spring breakers.. they go every year!  It’s been awhile since I’ve made a trip to Garfield Park. Man, it’s awesome! What a gorgeous park. Nestled just a few minutes south of downtown, it is quite the welcomed green space. The sunken gardens are absolutely stunning. Imagine how gorgeous a wedding would be here. Every year, during spring break, the gnomes take over the conservatory and make it their own!