Nine Lives Cat Cafe


FINALLY!! I have been looking forward to the Nine Lives Café opening for what feels like an eternity! For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am a total cat lady. Although, I like to think my cat is more like a dog. He is very skilled in the game of fetch with his favorite. “mousie”. I digress..

Hats off to the Yelp team once again for a fabulous event! If you’re not on yelp … get on there already! I was part of the first group for this grand opening party. I arrived about 10 am hoping to avoid the rush, and I did! The location is on Shelby Street in Fountain Square. Basically, a few doors down from Thunderbird and the Brass Ring. It’s divided into two areas, the café and the cat room. The café is cute! Open space and a long bar which is right up against the windows. It provides a great view for people who do not want to sit with the kitties.

They did not have a finalized menu yet, so I went ahead and ordered a vanilla latte. I was very impressed with how HOT the drink was. I am not a fan of the temperature other “major brand” coffee houses serve their coffee. I like mine piping hot and I don’t mind waiting to drink it! The staff was very upbeat and enthusiastic. Thanks for being such great sports about my filming too 😉 The pastries that you see in my vlog are from Whisk bakery in Greenwood. I had a sample of the brownie and they were to die for. Mmmm brownies..


Across from the coffee bar, they have a few shelving units that offer a box of kitty goodies (purr box), shirts and special teas. The teas were available for sampling around the corner, so I went that way. I spoke with a very sweet woman from Nelsons Tea. She started the tea company locally. She worked with the owner to create a special tea blend for the café. Tea with catnip! Yes, it’s a real thing. It has the opposite effect on humans that it would on kitties. The tea I tried had catnip, blackberry and mint notes in it. It was very refreshing! Have you ever tried catnip tea? Now I can say I have! Add that to the list of weird foods I’ve tried for sure!

Kitty time! I’m not sure if you can bring food in, but you can bring your coffee! You must sanitize your own paws and sign the waiver before entering. Inside the cat room are toys, couches, shelving units for the cats to run and jump on, and cat towers galore! This cat cafe concept is huge overseas. One thing I like the most about the cat café is that all of the cats are from the humane society. I adopted my fur baby, Albus (Albie) from the humane society around this time last year and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has brought so much joy to my life!

Play with a cat you love? You can adopt them!! They have papers about the cats and I’m not quite sure how the adoption process goes through Nine Lives, but I am thrilled to see that the oldest cat that was at the café a week ago has already been adopted.

Petting animals is proven to reduce stress. I think this café will be very therapeutic. Maybe you have a family member who is allergic – come here and get your fur baby fix! Or maybe you just love cats, like me, and want to play with them! There is a small fee ($5) to enter the room. It covers an hour in the cat lounge and this is a normal fee for other cat cafés. The fees go towards caring for the cats.

Interested? This place is quite the hot spot for just opening. Before you go, make sure to reserve a time in the cat room online here. This ensures that you will be able to play with the kitties.

I cannot wait to see this business grow! Are you planning on checking out Nine Lives? Let me know in the comments!


The Woman On the Mural

It’s Black History Month! I wanted to highlight two wonderful women (girl power!) that relate to the culture of Indiana.

First up – Madam C. J. Walker

photo credit:

You may recognize her name from the Madam C. J. Walker theater downtown. That’s the one!

She was an entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist. She is recognized as the first female self-made millionaire in America. She was born in Louisiana, however, she established her headquarters for her manufacturing company right here in Indianapolis! She built a beauty school, factory and hair salon. She cultivated “The Walker System” which was a beauty hair care system. It boasted that it would take your hair from drab to beautiful. It was well known that Ms. Walker employed several thousand women (not common at the time). I remember touring the museum as a child. I believe it was for a girl scouts field trip. The current tour offers: guided walk through the facility, photo opportunity on the stage that wonderful musical acts such as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Gladys Knight have all performed (many more!),  and original pieces of the plant and products. It’s really a fun tour and I highly encourage checking it out! It’s by appointment only so be sure to schedule something.

Second – Mari Evans

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Who is the lady on the mural of Mass Ave? Mari Evans! I’ll be the first one to admit that I knew that Kurt Vonnegut was the other mural, but I didn’t have a clue who Ms. Evans was.  Mari is a well-known American poet. In 1984, she edited one of the first books devoted to the critical work of Black women writers. She also dabbled in producing and writing for television.  The Black Experience was a historical documentary which aired in Indianapolis.  One of her best well-known poems is titled “When in Rome”. It’s a poem between Marrie and her possible slave owner.

Marrie dear
the box is full . . .
whatever you like
to eat . . .

(an egg
or soup
. . . there ain’t no meat.)


there’s endive there
cottage cheese . . .
(whew! if I had some
black-eyed peas. . . )


there’s sardines
on the shelves
and such . . .
get my anchovies. . .
they cost
too much!

(me get the
anchovies indeed!
what she think, she got —
a bird to feed?)
there’s plenty in there
o fill you up . . .
(yes’m. just the

Hope I lives till I get
I’m tired of eatin’
what they eats in Rome . . .)

Mari currently resides in Indianapolis. She is 97 years young. I came across this awesome video created by Big Car Collaborative that shows the mural being painted.. check it out!