Primanti Bros – Circle Center


There was a lot of hype for the opening of Primanti Bros at Circle Center a few weeks ago. I was happy to see that they filled the spot of the former California Pizza Kitchen rather quickly. Can you believe CPK was closed on Sundays? I can’t even imagine how a restaurant of that space affected all of our out-of-towners who come in for the weekend! Not that CPK would be my first choice for Sunday dinner.. but anyway..


I’m not sure how different the interior is from the old CPK interior. Primanti Bros is a Pittsburg founded restaurant. You’ll notice a few Pittsburgh sport teams on the walls.  They pay homage to our local sport teams with the cool mural in back. They also have a great picture of Pacer player, George Hill with his infamous blonde locks.. ha!

The history behind the brothers is actually really neat. Joe started a cart (our equivalent of a food truck) back in the early 1930’s. He fed hungry truckers who were “coming and going at all hours of the night”. His store was open 3am-3pm, allowing to feed people at odd hours of the day.  Primanti Brothers is open late in Indy – which is GREAT news for downtown dwellers.


The service was AWESOME. All of the staff was extremely attentive and I barely had to wait for anything. I ordered the turkey and cheese sandwich. These sandwiches are not for rookies…, they are big boys!


If you can’t tell, the sandwich comes with fries IN it! As well as coleslaw. I’ve never put coleslaw on a sandwich before but I just might have to start doing it. I think fries are the equivalent of putting chips in your sandwich (who hasn’t done that before??) because they were equally as delicious.


Sketch courtesy of Primanti Bros

They had boozy milkshakes, desserts, and tots galore. They also offer chili, chicken wings, pizza, salads and burgers. The sandwich was warm on a chilly fall night and totally hit the spot. This is definitely worth checking out, in my opinion. Get in there today!

Primanti Bros
49 W. Maryland St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204


5 Things Worth Buying from IKEA

To say that I am thrilled that they have finally broken ground for IKEA (Fishers) is the biggest understatement of the year. I’m sure most of you Hoosiers can agree that we have waited for an IKEA for far too long. Even though we are still a year out from the estimated opening date (fall 2017).. I can’t help but think of all the things I want to pick up for my home. I can’t wait to actually be able to drive less than 20 minutes and look at these in person!!

IKEA was a godsend when I moved out to LA with nothing but a few suitcases full of clothing. Where to even begin? Here are a few items I’ve picked up over the years that have stood the test of time.

  1. Lighting Fixtures – HUGE fan of changing up the lighting in a room. When I moved into my current space, the kitchen only had one drop down lighting fixture. I mean, this was a sad light. I wasn’t even looking for anything specific when this one popped out at me. It was very easy to install. Almost every person who steps into the kitchen comments on it! Great conversation piece.  Fun tip… besides wall art, changing the lighting fixtures in an apartment can make it feel more your own. ÄLVSBYN is currently listed at $79.99
  2. Kitchen Storage – I know bar carts are very in right now, but I am all about the kitchen storage. Many of the houses in the Butler-Tarkington area are ADORABLE, charming, and have teeny tiny kitchens. I have a big kitchen for an apartment, but I am lacking storage space. Whoever designed the cabinets in my kitchen must have been a giant because I can only reach the first shelf! Not to mention, my drawers are so skinny that I haven’t been able to find a utensil separator that fits. My original visit to IKEA was to find a kitchen cart similar to the one below. I put my snacks on the top part, use the drawer for my cutting boards, and put bowls and food storage containers on the bottom shelf. Mine is a little different than this one, and I might need to invest in a new one because I love the look of the stainless steel. GRUNDTAL kitchen cart – $149.99kitchensotrage
  3. Tool Kit – This is a basic tool kit that is a necessity in every home. This also makes a great gift for a college student who might need a hammer or screw driver in a pinch! FIXA 17-piece tool kid – $7.99
  4. Cooking Utensils – IKEA offers many of these. Now, if you are a chef you definitely want to invest in something nicer. For the average cook who needs just a few utensils to cook with… This is the way to go. The cheapest set starts at $.79! Yes, just 79 cents! I’ve been using these for about two years now and they have held up well. When the new IKEA opens in Fishers, I plan on adding to my collection.  AKUT – 3 Piece Kitchen Set – $.79       utensils

5. Place card holders – OK, I might be a bit biased but I think these are adorable. Having friends and family over for the holidays? Why not go all out and set a beautiful table, complete with these Christmas ball place holders? They would make the perfect addition in my household. 2 pack for $5.99 – VINTER 2016



Has anyone ever bought furniture from IKEA? I’ve heard mixed reviews… would love to know your thoughts. Let us begin the countdown for the Indy store to open!


Friday Five – 10/15-10/16

5 things going on in Indy this weekend:

Barrels on Bonna – Irvington – $50/ticket 
This event looks awesome. I’m not big into beer, but I do love barrel aged beer.This festival provides unlimited tastings of the rare barrel aged beer, 20+ breweries, a small crowd (800 max) and live music. All of the profits from the event go to Friends of Irving Circle, a non-profit that works on urban beautification on the east side of Indianapolis. Tickets are available online here.

Apple Works – Trafalgar
A great day activity for the whole family! Travel down to Trafalgar and enjoy a pumpkin patch, apple picking, live music and more. The weather this weekend looks absolutely perfect to spend the entire day outside! More information on apple works here.

Covered Bridge Festival – Rockville – FREE
This is another day trip activity. It is Indiana’s largest festival! It lasts from October 14th-October 23rd. The covered bridges are BEAUTIFUL! Shop at the antique stores, admire the art at the covered bridge art gallery, or enjoy the world famous buried beef.

Homecoming – West Lafayette or Bloomington –
IU or Purdue Grad? I’m an IU Alum myself :). Both schools are celebrating homecoming this weekend. Purdue faces Iowa and IU will play Nebraska. If I didn’t have a wedding to attend, I would be down in Bloomington, enjoying a long island at Kilroy’s on Kirkwood for sure!

Conner Prairie Halloween Festival – $68/Family of 4 –

This event is lovingly known as “Conner Scairie”. Meet the citizens of Conner Scairie which includes Dr. Acula, Beautisha, Ed, Holly Ween and the Headless Horseman! With everything from movies, a marionette show, s’mores, scarecrows and even scary-o-ke! Here is the full schedule of events. Tickets can be purchased at Marsh and O’Malia’s.




Beers, Music and Wiener racing, OH MY!

Germanfest at the Athenaeum is a wonderful family event year after year. This year, I was lucky enough to attend with my mother, brother, and dear dachshund – Mr. Waffles.


The weather could not have been any more perfect. With activities for the kids – including face painting, a bounce house and coloring, food vendors, beer vendors – the first stop was for food. My family went ahead and ordered a few bratwursts, in true German style. I decided to go with a pretzel from the Der Pretzel Wagen. They offer sandwiches and Bavarian pretzels.



We enjoyed our German food under a big tent while the Indianapolis Maennechor performed. The Maennechor was founded in 1854 and is one of the oldest continuously performing choral groups in the United States! How cool! We enjoyed their performance. Mr. Waffles enjoyed the music and maybe a few pieces of bratwurst as well 😉


Heidelberg House served some delicious sweets and offered adorable German gifts.


Onto my favorite part.. the wiener dog races!! This is the funniest thing ever to watch. You can’t sit there and not crack a smile when they “release the hounds”. The dogs either come FLYING out, or they stumble around totally confused and it’s just adorable. If you look closely in the photo below, you can see two dogs racing and one completely turned around the opposite way.. poor guy!


They have quite a few heats and a race every hour from 1-4pm. As a dachshund owner myself, seeing these little guys EVERYWHERE at the festival just brings so much joy to my heart.

Later in the evening, I love to catch live bands at the Rathskeller (attached to the athenaeum). You can’t beat the outdoor venue.


Have you ever been to the Rathskeller or the Athenaeum?



If you live or work in the downtown Indianapolis area, then you are familiar with the name “Cluster Truck”. They are “located” at St. Clair and Pennsylvania. I use the term located very loosely, because this isn’t exactly your typical sit-down restaurant. I love the cool mural on their building. It’s a “food truck concept.” The actual kitchen where all of their food is cooked is housed in this building. Cluster truck is new as of March 2016.  The co founder of ExactTarget – Chris Baggott raised $2 million in seed funding for this project.

I was struggling a few weeks ago to find something to eat for lunch. Panera salad? Jimmy Johns unwhich? Nothing sounded satisfying. I’ve looked at Cluster Truck’s menu before. I like that they are paired with some local places such as Bru Burger. They offer some salads but I’d love to see healthier choices on the menu. Eventually I said – screw it – give me ALL the pad thai.

Placing an order is extremely easy. The experience is similar to if you’ve ordered dominos or seamless online. You see when the order is received by the restaurant, when it leaves the restaurant, and the actual delivery person’s location. I was incredibly impressed with how FAST the delivery was. I believe the goal is for the food to be delivered within ten minutes of leaving the kitchen. I placed an order around noon and it was delivered by 12:23. Holy cow.


Time is one of the reasons I hate ordering food. First off, I rarely think ahead when it comes to eating. By the time I start thinking about ordering lunch… I’m already starving. Waiting the average 40-60 minute delivery is A-W-F-U-L.

Clustertruck also allows scheduling of meals ahead of time. Brilliant.

How was the food? Delicious. So delicious that I ended up ordering it again a few days later to split for dinner with my boyfriend. They do not skimp out on portion sizes, that’s for sure.

I really hope to see ClusterTruck expand on the north side or in other cities as well.

To order, please visit