Indianapolis International Airport

This Indianapolis blogger is no stranger to traveling in and out of Indianapolis. I am very partial to our airport, especially when seeing other cities airports.

Indianapolis International Airport

I took this picture recently on my way to Nantucket. In the wee hours of the morning, IND can be at it’s busiest! Here are some tips and tips to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  1. Go through security on the RIGHT hand side. This line is always shorter than the other option on your left. There is a short tunnel that connects you to the other concourse. People have a tendency to go to the left – since it is closer to the terminals.
  2. Don’t like to wait? IND was one of the first airports to allow people to sign up for TSA pre-check. If you travel several times a year (or have the patience of an ant, like me), It’s very worth it. I believe its around $80. You can fill out the application online and set an online appointment to get finger printed. Why not stop in before a flight? You’ll be at the airport anyway. Both concourses allow for TSA pre-check members to go through. I’ve never waited more than 2 minutes.
  3. Starbucks. Yes, we all need our morning/afternoon pick me up. There is a Starbucks at both concourse A and B. Concourse A – has a Starbucks located right after you get through security. Concourse B has a Starbucks at the end of the concourse near the last few terminals. Yes, there is always a line (at both). Yes, it’s worth the wait. There is only one Starbucks per concourse, so stop when you need to.
  4. Have time for a bite? There are lots of yummy local options. Cafe Patachou is a breakfast staple for Indianapolis. This is located in the main civic plaza BEFORE security. My other go-to is Harry and Izzys. If you cannot make it downtown, you must stop and try the world famous shrimp cocktail. This is located on concourse A.
  5. Bringing home some goodies? Brickyard Authentic has all your racing apparel needs (Indianapolis 500). Just POP! In is a local gourmet popcorn shop. Both are located in the main plaza.

What is your favorite thing about the Indianapolis International Airport?






Salt On Mass


I have been anxiously awaiting Salt’s grand opening on Mass Ave. I love every bit of Mass Ave. Watching the transformation over the past 15 years has been incredible. Salt’s seafood steak house concept is yet another concept that Mass Ave was desperately missing.  That being said, my expectations were high.

I arrived on Wednesday night at 7:20 with a 7:45 reservation. I very much enjoy sitting at the bar in any restaurant, but i would highly discourage going to this bar. It took a full 15 minutes to even be acknowledged by one of the three bartenders and another 10 minutes for my jeweled mule to be made. I probably wouldn’t have been as frustrated if I hadn’t overheard the bartender tell the person next to me that “tonight is actually really tame, this is nothing.” For a tame night, the service at the bar was atrocious. I had another friend who had the same issue – either the bartenders are just completely overwhelmed, or they don’t know what they’re doing. It took me a following 10 minutes to close my tab.  I hope this is just one of the growing pains of being a new restaurant because I was very disappointed in the service. Salt isn’t a white tablecloth restaurant, but it has the steakhouse feel. I expected more from the bar in regards to the service. I ordered the jeweled mule.


Luckily, – the food and our server – once we reached the table, redeemed the overall experience.The build out is definitely airy and fun. We started with the calamari and tomato/watermelon salad. I was very impressed with the watermelon salad. It included blackberries, mozzarella and a balsamic glaze.  I will admit, I am a sucker for good food porn. You know, when you look at reviews and see photos of the food? Well, since the restaurant has only been open for two weeks, I was left to fend for myself. Honestly, everything sounds delicious on the menu. The best part about going out to eat with friends is getting to share their food… uh.. I mean, their wonderful company right? I went ahead and ordered the Halibut and my friend ordered the Ahi Tuna.


halibutThe pan roasted kachemak bay halibut had a Parmesan crust. it is featured on a bed of risotto in a lemon butter sauce. I would give it a 10/10. It was cooked perfectly.  My friends ordered the seared Atlantic yellow fin tuna. It has a caramel soy sauce and kimchee. As for the sides, we had the mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower. Big fan of the cauliflower. We practically licked our plates clean. Food is the most important part of a restaurant and Salt knows what they are doing in that respect.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience post-bar fiasco. I have high hopes for Salt and welcome it to the Mass Ave neighborhood. I am interested to see their menu change seasonally.


Labor Day Weekend

Is summer over already? How is it September? Please tell me that other people are saying the same thing. My summer and year has flown by! Now it’s Thursday and I haven’t planned a thing to do for the holiday weekend. Here 5 ideas of ways to spend your holiday weekend.

  1. Hit the lake – There is nothing like celebrating an Indiana summer on the lake. The weather is supposed to be PERFECT this weekend – high 70’s low 80’s. Lake Wawasee is a personal favorite of mine. Even if you don’t have a boat (you can rent one!), you can still enjoy the water from the public pier.  The oakwood resort still has availability! Other fun lakes include Lake Maxinkuckee (Culver) and Lake Monroe.
  2. Hike/Kayak/SUP – Eagle Creek Park is one of my favorite parks in Indy. I trained for a half marathon here last year in the fall. The hiking trails are beautiful and dog friendly! They offer kayak, canoe, SUP board and row boat rentals. Pack a picnic and go spend the day here with your family. Rental information is available through Eagle Creek Outfitters.
  3. WATER PARK!!! – The Monon Center in Carmel is a hidden summer secret! They have water slides, an aqua climbing wall, Flowrider (the simulated surfing activity) and a lazy river. Why not take the kids and let them run around (wear them out!) and get to enjoy the pool too? More information here
  4. Indian’s Baseball Game – The Indianapolis Indians have their last three upcoming games of the season in Indy 9/1-9/3. Tickets range from $38 (Cove) to $10. There will be fireworks after the game all THREE nights! Saturday is a 90’s throwback night. The team and coaches will wear throw back jerseys and there will be 90’s themed prizes. Tickets are available here.
  5. Kings Island – Roller Coasters GALORE!! Kings Island is always an awesome day trip. The drive back is exhausting and if you are considering spending a few days with the family – why not stay at the Great Wolf Lodge? The hotel is nearby Kings Island. The rooms are fun! With a touch of a wilderness lodge, you certainly won’t feel like you’re in Mason, OH. Think you or the kids can only handle one day at Kings Island? GWL offers an indoor water park, character appearances / storytime, and a spa. Make a weekend out of your trip and relax!

What are you getting into for the weekend? I am currently accepting invitations to any and all pools.