Devour Downtown


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Ok.. it’s not Christmas (my absolute favorite) but Devour Downtown is a very close second. Devour Downtown is similar to other city restaurant weeks. Local and chain restaurants put together a menu featuring three courses. This is the perfect time to check out that restaurant you have been dying to try. The best part is that it’s not incredibly expensive. This happens twice a year (fall and spring) and is a must-do for any Indy local. I’m planning on making it to as many restaurants as I can. Of course, I will review them as well.

Need some suggestions? These following restaurants are on my radar:

  • Marrow – fountain square – this restaurant was featured in Bon Appetite. The devour menu changes daily so be sure to check their facebook page.
  • Cerulean – downtown – In the alexander hotel (fantastic venue).
  • Vida – lockerbie – I cannot get over their full wall of fresh herbs.
  • Eagle’s Nest – downtown – Super romantic restaurant with 360 degree views of the city. Normally it’s not a cheap restaurant so the $35 for courses is a steal. Reservations are highly recommended
  • Fogo – downtown – I am not a meat eater, but $40 all included is amazingFor menu information and locations, please visit .

Yelp White Party 2016 Review

OK, ya’ll know i love a great Yelp event. This event is usually the biggest yelp event of the summer. In the past, they shut down half of monument circle and they set up tables and table cloths for a HUGE picnic with other yelpers. However, since it’s been raining cats and dogs lately, we were lucky enough to get into a very cool warehouse on mass ave. It is BYO dinner. People get all dolled up in white. They offer wine, beer, coffee and juice provided by local cafes. My personal favorite was a Nicey Treat in a glass of champagne.. talk about the ultimate summer treat! They even had live music and a dance floor. One of the best parts about Yelp Indy events is the fact that you get to meet new people. I met a few girls sitting next to us and we exchanged contact info to keep in touch. I am looking forward to hopefully being back on the circle next year, but seriously could not have asked for anything more!

Tips for future Yelp Indy White Parties:

  • bring candles and centerpieces!! People really do go all out with flowers, cake stands, etc.
  • Cheese spreads, meat platters, mini desserts, anything!
  • WHITE. Everyone was dressed in it. Anything from tutus to full blown white tuxes
  • Get there early. This goes for all yelp events. Check in can take a little bit of time. That’s just more time to chat up your neighbor and find someone to sit next to!
  • Buy a white outfit earlier in the season because white can be hard to come by in August 😉 I found mine at H&M for $10!







$2 Tuesday at the Fair

Need dinner plans? Look no further. It’s no secret that the fair is a major staple to an Indiana Summer. Tuesdays are one of the best days to attend because every food booth offers at least one item for $2! If you have kiddos or are just a kid at heart, the midway carnival offers a $2 per ride deal until close. The fair also offers entertainment, education, transportation around the fair grounds. Now.. for a few of my favorite food roundups:


  1. The Big Cheeze. You’ve never had a real grilled cheese until you’ve tried one of theirs. The Big Cheeze is actually a local vendor, started by two Purdue grads. There is no other way to describe the grilled cheese sandwiches other than gourmet cheesy goodness you-need-this-right-now sandwich. I reccomend the “Cheezy F. Baby” (a great nod to Lil Wayne) which has provolone cheese and shredded buffalo chicken. It’s perfect! Do not miss this food truck.


2. The Lemon Shake-up. Luckily, these can be found at many stands around the fair. This is the quintessential summer drink. It is like lemonade, but fresh. This goes well with anything you could possibly imagine eating at the fair.


3. Fried ANYTHING!!! I am a major sucker for chocolate and peanut butter. Head over to the big orange truck that is covered in candy bar names. You can pick from oreos, cookie doughm, reese’s, red velvet oreos,snickers, and even cake pops that are deep fried in golden deliciousness. They even offer a hilarious “I’m single” combo for $11 which icludes 1 reese’s, 1 oreo, 1 cookie dough, 1 red velvet oreo and 1 fun fetti cake pop. Talk about a sugar overload! Be sure to bring cash, as they are cash only.

Some other honorable mentions on my list are: Turkey Leg, deep fried kool-aid, sweet corn, and a pineapple whip.

What are your favorite fair foods to indulge in?