10 MUST HAVE Items For Your Holiday Party – Costco

10 MUST HAVE Items For Your Holiday Party – Costco

Hi Everyone! We are now full-swing into the Holiday season. Isn’t it crazy how quick time flies this time of year? I’ve put together a two part series on the must have items for your holiday party. The first part will feature items from Costco. The second part will feature items from my new favorite store, Aldi.  These are my must-have items for hosting any holiday party or get together.

 1. BOOZE – Costco has some of the best deals on alcohol EVER. The best part is that you do not have to be a member to enjoy these benefits. The only catch is your purchase must solely be alcohol. Costco has a wonderful mix of everything from wine, vodka, whiskey, tequila, to even pre-made margarita mixes. I like their Margarita mix as well as their 1.75 L vodka bottle. Why bother making a mess when you can buy something pre-made? The margarita mix is $8.99. The Kirkland american vodka is 1.75 L and will only set you back $13. If you friends who enjoy drinking.. this is definitely the way to go to save some money. There is a rumor that the “next level up” of vodka which is $19.99 is produced by grey goose. For $19.99, it’s worth trying!



2. Shrimp – Need I say more? Everyone loves shrimp cocktail. These are cooked with the tail on, so you only have to defrost. Party-pro tip: Put some out and keep some in a plastic baggie in the refrigerator when you need to refill!



3. St. Elmo’s Cocktail Sauce – OK, you know I had to! One of the most memorable food items of Indianapolis.. the famous shrimp cocktail sauce! This pairs perfectly with shrimp. Be sure to warn your guests that it is VERY spicy! If you do not have a Costco membership, the sauce is sold at Kroger, Fresh Market, and Marsh. I believe this is a seasonal item so be sure to stock up!



4. Kickin Cranberry Meatballs – My mouth is watering just thinking about these. These are easy to make and even easier to serve. Put them on a plate with some toothpicks in them – easy to grab.. easy to devour! They have a sweet tang to them. 34 ounce package for $12.99



5. Mozzarella Sticks – Something for even the pickiest of eaters. Who doesn’t love mozz sticks? Be sure to pick up some tomato sauce as well. Remember, the easier the food is to pick up and eat, the more people will want to eat it! I always try to pick foods that are very finger friendly, meaning easy to pick up and travel with. If something requires a fork and knife, I’ve found that people are less likely to eat it unless there is a designated eating area. 5 Pound box for $13.49



6. Pigs in a blanket – These are anything but plain. The smoked sausage really brings a flavor to the dish. Forgot the price on these.. whoops!



7. Delici Desserts – These are TO DIE FOR. I tried these over the summer at a friend’s lake house. They are the perfect size for a small dessert. Bigger than the PF Changs tiny sweets but not too big in the sense that you are over indulging. These can be served at a dinner party or even better – bring them to Christmas Dinner! 20 count box for $11.59



8. Cream Puffs – Besides the meatballs, these were the first to go at my Christmas Extravaganza last year. Who can resist? Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth? 100 Count box for $5.99



9. Cheesecake Sampler – Feeling extra decadent? Go for the sampler. I recently ordered a cheesecake dessert for a conference at work and was pleasantly surprised how many people ate the cheesecake. When it’s just one piece.. I have a feeling people feel a little less guilty ;). 56 ounce cheesecake for $13.89



10. CHOCOLATES / Mini Desserts – When I was a kid, my mother used to order Godiva chocolates galore for her parties. I specifically remember the truffles. Yummm.. however, I am a girl with a Godiva taste with a Hershey budget. This is the perfect solution. Mini chocolate desserts, 48 count for $11.99

I hope you all enjoyed this post. What are your favorites from Costco? Come back tomorrow for my top picks from Aldi! 


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